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Dana Smith started in the stone crab fishery in 1983. In 2008 Shelly & Dana expanded their wholesale Crab business to a brick & mortar fish house tucked away in the fishing village of homosassa FL, here they turned a 100 year old Fish house on the water into a charming, "Must See" family fish market. Growing up in the industry, their Son Josh has shared their passion for the sea & now Stone Crabs off of his boat, The Lady Susan. You can find their Son & Daughter-in-law, Darci working alongside them to help make Shelly's the success it is today!


We are so lucky to have THE best crew! Garrett Leblanc is our Talented Fish Monger. Besides cleaning your fish, his true love is Spearing your fish, which he does frequently from various commercial boats that offload at Shelly's.Rocio Moreno is our Rose️. Selling Seafood comes natural to Rocio as she is native to the beautiful Country of Chile, where seafood is a large part of the culture. Rocio will take special care of your order, always with a warm smile. Teri Bass is one hard workin', industrious woman. Teri does it all from selling fish, to cooking and grading stone crab claws to taking the absolute best care of our product & market. Shelly's is a working family business so Shelly and Dana may also be on deck along with their beautiful daughters: Danielle, Lindsey, or Darci and of course their son Josh.

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We understand what quality seafood is and work very hard to offer the best available product from our boat & other fishermen in the Gulf Coast Area. We take great pride in the cleanliness & presentability of our products sold. Dana & crew clean most of their fish sold, assuring you are receiving the absolute freshest product. 


When you Buy seafood from Shelly's, you are supporting local fishermen! We are passionate about our industry & keep it Alive by providing many local jobs & putting
fishermen first!

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Read About Our History, Where We Came From and How We Got to Where We Are today!

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