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Dana Smith


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History of the Fish Market


Fishing is a Family Tradition

Shelly's Seafood is a family owned and operated fish house and retail market. It is tucked away on the Homosassa River in a historic 100 year old building.


Shelly and Dana

Dana and Shelly Smith, the owners, have lived and worked in this unique, old fishing village on the Homosassa River for over 30 years as local fisherman. They understand what quality seafood is and they work very hard to offer the best available catch from their boats and from other fisherman in the area. There reputation suits them well. Most reviews stem around the family's pursuit at achieving the highest standards possible. They take great pride in the cleanliness and presentability of their seafood. Additionally, Dana and his crew clean most of their fish sold at Shelly's fish market, while assuring you receive the freshest product possible.

Our Seafood Offerings


Local and Wild Seafood

Local and Wild is their focus. Shelly's Market specializes in various kinds of Local Grouper, Snappers, Hog Fish and other saltwater fishes. They offer local shell-fish products such as (Stone Crabs, Blue Crabs, Oysters, Clams, and Shrimp). The market imports quality grade seafood, such as Yellow-Fin Tuna and Scottish Salmon .

Just Be Claws

Get to Shelly's by boat, foot, or car to grab your daily catch, and don't forget to try one of their, "award winning dips." Stop in and visit with the family at their friendly fish market, where "fishin is a family tradition!"

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